This isn’t some MLM scam, or the latest speculation from a Twitter entrepreneur. Just my experience of how good customer engagement can reap financial rewards.

Mission: Book romantic weekend away.
Method: Scrabble around desperately online for four hours one evening, then give up.
Solution: Visited Mr and Mrs Smith. Booked weekend.

However, my girlfriend then noticed that the Mr and Mrs Smith were offering a third night at a reduced rate, as part of an offer against all hotels. I contacted my friendly account manager and asked to take advantage of this, only to be told that this was in fact a mistake.

I thought about this and decided it wasn’t good enough, so emailed the account manager and cc’d the company’s MD.

No answer.

A few days later I noticed that said company were promoting themselves quite frequently on Twitter. So I sent my modest collection of followers a message and this is what happened:


@timolloyd Hi Tim. We’ve been talking to your hotel and it has agreed to honour the reduced rate. I’m sorry we couldn’t sort this sooner. 2:08 PM Jan 13th via Seesmic in reply to timolloyd


@timolloyd Thanks Tim – I’m thrilled we were able to sort this out. Hope you have a great stay. 12:50 PM Jan 15th via Seesmic in reply to timolloyd

Result! £150 saved and, best of all, a good example of digital engagement to share with those social media naysayers for whom nothing speaks louder than cash.

If you haven’t experienced this already, try it. You may be pleasantly surprised.