We had a team away-day today; a sort of shake down 12 months on from being a group of people relatively new to each other, working in a reactive and fast changing environment.
Away-days and team building sessions are all too easily derided, but when properly planned and hosted they provide the sort of quality time and focus that just wouldn’t be found otherwise.
There were lots of valuable take aways for the team as a whole, but the day really revolved around ‘how do we describe digital communications and what we offer to colleagues?’
Some useful principles came out of this, which I thought I would share here:

Digital communications is:
1. Delivering strategic support from the inception of a comms project
2. Providing insight into new channels and technologies
3. Sharing knowledge, skills and devolving control, to enable people to deliver online comms effectively
4. Defending comms principles to ensure audience, purpose and value are central to all solutions
5. Championing best practice and upholding industry standards

It is not:
1. Building new websites or launching social media channels for the sake of it
2. Delivering ‘buzz’ solutions simply to keep up with crowd
3. Vanity publishing
4. Resolving IT governance issues

Whilst this may seem obvious, for those members of the team who are managing projects and clients on a day-to-day basis, this exercise brought home the need to interrogate the briefs they receive, offer alternatives when colleague’s ideas are not thought through, and have the confidence to back up suggestions and ideas.