Struck down with a cold this weekend (man flu), I have had a chance to reflect on a busy seven days while feeling sorry for myself and dosing up on Sudafed.

Actually, the week started very nicely last Sunday when I embarked on the first of two meetings with ‘Twangers’ – people I only knew vaguely through Twitter, but who seemed to have common interests.

The first get together was at The Florence pub in Herne Hill, south London. Genevieve and I fancied a pub lunch, and we consulted Twitter for advice. This led us to EuWen Teh, a knowledgable and very agreeable food blogger who recommended The Florence. Ninety minutes later we were tucking into a delicious meal, joined by Sarah Oliver.

Sunday lunch at The Florence

Sunday lunch at The Florence was delicious

Inevitably we ended up sharing common interests and had several professional connections. What had seemed like a gamble just minutes beforehand turned out to be a no-brainer and hopefully we’ll do the same thing again in the future.

The following night I met up with Colin Wren who has gallantly taken over the facilitating of #nhssm. Colin has lots of great ideas for this and other projects. Again, we had plenty of common professional interests and we were able to churn through so many more topics than we could have done in 140 characters.

So, what’s the point of this? I guess we all follow people who are connected to us in some way – because we find them funny, share a professional or personal network, or because we are interested in what they have to say. But until we start to meet those we follow, or who follow us, we are only tapping 1/10th of the potential of that relationship.

So its now my mission to meet at least one new Twitter follower every month – be warned!