I wrote here a couple of weeks ago about the need for publishers to do what they do best. If nothing else they need to do something different. And it seems one – The Independent – has.

New i paper and 20 pence piece

All the quality news you need, for 20p. But will it be profitable?

This week they launched i : a daily, quality, paper for just 20p. Its aim is to provide readers with essential news, views and interviews in an easy-to-navigate package. It shares the same modern design of its parent paper, but with much greater use of colour and an approach to layout that is almost comparable to Shortlist, with lots of bite sized articles.

There isn’t the same volume of in-depth opinion pieces, or the same level of international coverage as you would expect from a regular quality paper, but the deal maker has to be the price. i feels like 80 or 90p-worth of value, for just 20p.

I like to read a paper on the train in the morning, to give my eyes a break from screens and create a little more personal space. However, I resent paying £1 for a regular quality paper when I may only get around to reading 25 per cent of it.

i isn’t the future of newspapers, but it is definitely one of the most sensible initiatives from the UK’s nationals. The real proof of course, will be in the Independent’s profit margin in the years to come. In the meantime, I will keep buying a copy when I can.