Just lately I’ve been live tweeting a couple of conferences and presentations, using a corporate Twitter channel.
It’s been a good opportunity to gather comments and responses in real time, and share events with audiences who couldn’t be there in person.
Here are a few hints and tips, based on things I did – and didn’t – do:

  1. Tweetdeck is good for monitoring relevant terms, @ mentions and hashtags.
  2. If there is lots of chatter, two people are needed: one to tweet questions, answers and comments (in the case of a panel discussion or interview), another to respond to questions received online and RT other comments.
  3. Have a list of links to supporting information that may become relevant to the conversation. However, this only helpful if you share at the relevant point in the discussion. Get the timing wrong and it just looks like you are trying to promote.
  4. A heads-up tweet to your followers before the event might help warn people that you are about to tweet successively for the next hour or however long the event lasts.
  5. It’s useful to plan a basic top and tail for each tweet, but not the actual content of course, because it is a live event after all. So, if you are quoting someone you can prepare each Tweet in succession by writing the person’s name into the update panel, with a space for the quote or comment, then the relevant hashtag. This helps you quickly capture what is actually said, and tweet.
  6. Have a sign off tweet ready, with a link to more information or ideally a transcript of the conversation on Twitter (see nhssm for transcript examples using What the Hashtag). Don’t forget that the conversation continues for some time after an event, as people catch up with other’s tweets.