I’ve started contributing to the Social Media Week blog, as part of their global editorial team.
I’m quite excited, because I hope that it will give me an opportunity to connect with others involved in digital engagement around the world. I took part in my first Social Media Week in February 2011 and was really impressed by the way in which content, opinion and experience were shared between the nine or more cities who took part.
I’m keen to contribute to the work the organisers are doing and I think there is scope to do more in London. In particular, getting public sector workers involved.
Of course contributing to another blog on a regular basis seems like a big commitment, but I’m confident that it will give me a useful extra space to share ideas and information about themes specific to social media and with a global interest. As always, I’m eager to receive some useful feedback and turn the whole experience into a conversation. I’ve already made contact with fellow bloggers on the other side of the Atlantic and hope to speak to more, soon.
For now though, I need to keep writing.