I’ve spent the past two weeks working in a very different area of communications, some way out of my comfort zone.

It’s jolly hard work.

But I am learning a lot, and can see opportunities for digital tools to be helpful in managing the flow of information and sheer volume of reading and sharing that needs to be done.

The challenge will be finding some headspace in the next few months to test ideas. The pace is relentless, but that may be because I am still the new boy, or because health is a hot topic right now.

Becoming engrossed in the headlines, the next story, email, diary alteration or editing exercise is engrossing but occupies your mind 24/7. Like with any busy job it’s sometimes easy to lose a sense of proportion.

I was sad yesterday to learn that a favourite Auntie had passed away. But in a moment I had regained that sense of proportion and will take that with me in to next week.