Writing for the Social Media Week blog has given me a better insight into what it’s like to contribute to a channel that I do not own, nor am directly responsible for.

It’s been exciting and a little nerve-wracking to draft a post and send it half way around the world, to someone I’ve never met, and hope they like it.

From a practical point of view it’s strange not to be able to embed images and video at the click of the button; instead sending an old fashioned covering email with my post and a couple of links to suggested illustrations.

Also I now realise the importance of keeping tags and categories in order for the benefit of contributors. Unfortunately the Social Media Week tag list is a bit of a jumble. Anyone can add a tag, despite the restrictions around video and images described above.

It is also difficult when you don’t know exactly when your contribution will be published, particularly if it is an interview, as was my most recent post about Beating Bowel Cancer.