Finally, I’m packing for Doctors 2.0 tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

I wrote last week that I wanted to make the most of my visit, so I’ve been pestering colleagues and contacts to find out their burning issues to put to a room full of doctors interested in the web.

A stethoscope

Not a very original image, but it's late, and I'm sure the next few days will bring me more inspiration!

In no particular order, I’ve been asked to find out:

1. Should learning to use social media effectively and appropriately be part of a medical curriculum?

2. Does corporate IT governance affect social media uptake in organisations outside of the public sector?

3. Is social media useful in healthcare now, or is it something to prepare for?

4. How far do other country’s Governments go in providing healthcare advice online? Is it a partnership model or completely outsourced?

Quite an eclectic mix of good questions, which possibly say as much about my network as it does people’s queries.

I don’t think I can hazard any more than a guess at answers to any of these questions, so the next couple of days will be interesting.

On a practical note, this will be the first proper test drive of my new iPad, which is full to bursting with various apps to help me blog, record and tweet my experiences.

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