Here’s ten memorable digital communications ideas that I came across in 2011. Some are genuinely useful, some are just for fun and the rest simply caught my eye.

If you have more please add them below. 2011 written on a wall

1. Tweetathons: they won’t change the world, but they do raise awareness. Take a look at this example from Southampton University Hospital.

2. When I visited Doctors 2.0 earlier this year, one of the speakers, Lucien Engelen, offered attendees who checked in on Foursquare a free copy of his book to download from the venue.

3. A creative, balanced, engaging series of films on the personal risks of using social media, from the Ministry of Defence.

4. A fun and informative Facebook page for Blackburn residents that keeps them updated on snow, gritting and the effects of winter in their local area.

5. A web cam for watching ghosts at Salford City Council’s Ordsall Hall Museum. Seriously.

6. A creative and moving social documentary about a Canadian town that disappeared from the map.

7. The digital engagement game – great for helping colleagues get their heads around all the different tools that are out there, and how to use them.

8. 2011 must be the year of the tweet chat: #nurchat, #twitjc, #nhssm to name but a few health communities. Hundreds of people talking, tagging and sharing at an appointed time each week, and continuing the conversation after hours.

9. Macmillan Cancer Support’s knitition. Sign up to their petition, and help to knit a scarf in real-time.

10. And last but not least, a cheeky plug for #NHSXmas. Starting on Christmas Day, NHS organisations will be tweeting daily health messages that rhyme with the Twelve Days of Christmas. Read more about it and get involved here. I’m sure it will become a top idea from 2011…

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