I’m writing this post with my legs stretched out in front of me, hoping they won’t be quite as painful tomorrow morning.

A little while back I blogged about a forthcoming bike ride from London to Brighton and back again. My good friend Andrew and I arrived home this afternoon after completing the 110-odd mile round trip, during two days.

Brighton beach

A site for sore, er, eyes

Although we both do a fair bit of cycling, a few miles hammering along muddy tracks, or commuting to the office, don’t really compare to spending hour after hour in the saddle. For us, this represents quite an achievement.

Most importantly, we raised more than £500 for the British Heart Foundation. A big thank you to all our sponsors. I am especially grateful to those fellow tweeters and bloggers who readily sponsored us, despite the fact that in some cases I may only have met them once or twice.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, mind. The organised ride, on Sunday 17 June was very popular and, frankly, nerve-wracking with so many bikes and abilities flying around.

Other low points included:

  • Arriving at our overnight accommodation in Brighton to find we had a double bed, rather than a twin room
  • Having to push Andrew off me during the night (see above)
  • Being overtaken by a cyclist dressed as Batman, while riding *up* Ditchling Beacon
  • Arriving at one of my local pubs, certain we would be greeted as heroes, only to find 60 cyclists who had ridden there from Paris

On a positive note, the more fun bits:

  • The views from the top of the South Downs yesterday
  • Looking back at the South Downs, from the North Downs, today, and feeling a definite rush from being able to see the geography we had covered
  • Checking Foursquare at the top of Ditchling Beacon, to be greeted with a tip from none other than Nick Jones
  • A cold beer at home

Suggestions for our next challenge gratefully received.