home pageFrom today, you will now be able to find advice and guidance about starting and running a business on the new single Government website.

I’ve worked in and around digital for some years now, but rarely do I feel like one of the users we are working for. I am often too close to the content, the delivery, or the aims.

When I’m not dabbling in digital for BIS, I am a company secretary for the property management business, in the block of flats where I live.

It was a bumpy road to setting up the limited company, and understanding all the things we have to do each year. There’s plenty of advice online, but it sure took some sorting out and judicious Googling.

The new business content on looks like it would have saved me a lot of time and effort and probably given me more confidence too.

This latest iteration of the site also offers a bunch of user-friendly tools to help people like you and me book a driving test, or apply for student funding.

Take a look and tell them what you think.