One aspect of my job that I quite enjoy is trying to better equip my colleagues to 'do' digital.

For selfish reasons, it means, hopefully, that BIS can deliver better digital engagement in the future, because policy makers understand some of the tools that are available for engaging with their audiences.

In the past few years these sessions seem to have moved from 'why' to 'how', which is good. However there is an assumption that social media can be taught in a paint-by-numbers way. I reckon people struggle to find the confidence when there isn't a crystal clear process, accompanied by a rule book.

For this week's session I was asked to present on The rules of social media. This didn't feel right, so I asked an open question on Twitter, to see what people thought. I was overwhelmed with lots of useful responses. Rather than re-work all the comments in to a predictable PowerPoint deck, I put the responses in to Storify and played it back to the audience, discussing comments and sharing links as we went along.

The feedback was good, and the people i was speaking to seemed to value the fact that not all the responses from geeks. So I'm sharing this here as an idea for anyone delivering similar presentations in the future: