I’m currently recruiting for someone to join BIS as our head of digital outreach.

The full job description is on the civil service jobs website. You can read more about some of the team’s work on our blog. The deadline is 8 February.

I’m lucky to work with a well-rounded team: information publishing, planning, writing, editing, audio, visual, engagement. Its all in there. We have some useful official channels and the ability to create lots of different types of digital content in-house.

We often work with external partners or networks, to help facilitate the conversations we need to have with our audiences. Twitter Q&As with professional associations, original content on news websites and discussions on LinkedIn are all good examples.

These examples are, however, the exception rather than the rule. More often than not we’re battling deadlines and a limited capacity within the team, which means we come to rely on our corporate channels. We put a lot of effort into driving people to BIS’s official online presence, when in fact, if my online behaviour is anything to go by, very few people want to follow, like, comment on, or share an official corporate channel.

What we need is someone who can deliver opportunities to work with the communities and types of content that our audiences are really interested in. We want to work with forums, bloggers, hashtags, influencers and communities, to help get more people interested in the policies that affect them and raise awareness of the information that Government provides.

If you have read this far, I hope you are interested. You’ll recognise many of these ideas from work you have already been involved in, and will want to get stuck into the many and varied areas that BIS looks after: students, business, innovation, science, skills. DM me if you have questions and want to discuss further.

Full details on the Civil Service website and don’t forget the deadline: 8 February.