I’m known for my caution regarding Twitter: a channel that organisations can get a little obsessed with.

So it is only fair that I should ‘fess up to three pieces of twitter-specific activity.

Firstly, a Q&A session with one of our Ministers, Jo Swinson. Twitter was used as the platform here, for convenience of curating, as much as anything else. The real win for us was inviting John Adams, a blogger who writes about parenting issues, to facilitate the session, rather than simply picking other people’s questions to put to the Minister.

[View the story “Parental Leave Q&A ” on Storify]

Secondly, since the start of 2013 Paul and I have been running weekly sessions with our press office, to help them get started with Twitter, and, where individuals were already using it, helping them to get more from search and publishing.

More on that another time.

Finally, I spent half an hour with our Permanent Secretary, Martin Donnelly, setting him up with a Twitter account. I think this will be a helpful way of encouraging colleagues around BIS to have their own personal, attributable Twitter accounts.

I’m at pains to remind everyone involved in the above activity that Twitter is only as good as the conversations we use it for, and the content we publish. As more people adopt Twitter for regular work, and the platform continues to be even easier to use (publishing photos, sharing links etc.), this conversation is becoming more simple.

How is it working for you?