We’re going to lose a much-valued member of the team soon, and its a real shame. Anthony O’Malley has been with us for 12 months, helping to run our bit of web estate that hasn’t yet made it to gov.uk.

He’s done a brilliant job of managing the BIS digital estate: archiving, converging and pruning a plethora of websites, updating campaign pages and setting up some clean-looking blogs for our policy teams.

The best bit is that he has done most of this on his own, calling on Helpful and dxw if needed. When I’ve thrown my arms up and fled into Victoria Street, Anthony has calmly sat down with people, filtered their requests and ideas, and come up with stuff that works.

It won’t feel at all comfortable without Anthony around. But he’s leaving us a neat platform to get on with, and gov.uk continues to offer us more of what we need.

Unlike the A-Team, Anthony doesn’t reside in the Los Angeles underground. You can hire him here. And I recommend that you do.