Intern magazine

I’ve just finished reading issue 0 of Intern – a new magazine for the loose collective of people who are taking a vocational route to start their career.

As someone who spent a fair amount of my early career ‘interning’ I’m really interested in this, and how the traditional view of internships is blending with a world of work that is changing entirely. Issue 0 has an interesting feature on someone who’s using paid internships as a way of travelling Europe while building their portfolio, and others who are exchanging skills, rather than expecting conventional payment.

Cross-industry recognition of internships has long been missing, as a community to nurture and better understand, so Intern is very welcome. However, I hope the content has some practical focus in future issues. Stories of inspiration are always a good read, but there is also a crying need to inform and protect this community too.

It was an article in the Independent that got me interested in Intern originally, via Kickstarter. This is the first project I’ve contributed to, but it won’t be the last. The combination of Kickstarter’s slick user experience, a good, scalable, pitch from Intern (and, subsequently, lots more updates that make me feel like an investor, rather than a guy who gave a tenner) and the intersection of publishing and internships, was enough to land me.

If you’ve ever been an intern and are still interested in the sheer balls and excitement that internships demand, then it’s worth a read. And if you have always fancied yourself as an investor but don’t have the budget to match, give Kickstarter a go.