“…check out this cat .gif”

“I am now single”

“Here’s the view from our chalet”

“I’m looking for job opportunities”

“Simon Cowell is a £$%! end #xfactor”

“What’s the best way to get to Heathrow on a Sunday morning?”

The title of this, should of course, read ‘Real people said…’ but that wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.

Organisations will always need official lines, sometimes quoted by a spokesperson. The rest of the time, people who work in these organisations are speaking about their lives and their work interchangeably, every day. They’re not spokespeople, but they are no less important.

These are people who are at least a little bit proud of what they do and are willing to use their own online profile to help the projects they are working on, while also using those same profiles to share a bit of their character or personal opinions.

They are faces, names, sounds and photos. They respond at times that suit them, but often when they are technically off the clock. They are ambassadors, with networks of potential new recruits, customers, and interacting with their target audience every day.

Sometimes they do human things like make a spelling mistake, muddle social media accounts or, heaven forbid, mix business with pleasure.

Rarely will anyone take offence to reading something from someone who happens to work somewhere. Rarer still will they assume that comment or content is directly attributable to The Management. Because most right-minded people know that others have their own views and ideas, regardless of where they work.

So let’s be clear about spokespeople. They are nowhere. Our staff, colleagues and mentors are everywhere.

And that’s a fantastic thing for any organisation.