My Great Great Uncle was a press photographer, called Henry Edward ‘Ted’ Tucker. He worked for the Fleet Street News and Photo Agency in the 1930s. The best bit about this is that I have inherited some nice photos of his, from the period.

I don’t know where they might have been published at the time, if at all, but I do know they often feature members of my family.

Every year I mean to publish his seasonal images as Christmas cards for family, and every year I forget to do this in time. So a quick blog post will have to do for now.

I love the suits in these photos, the simplicity of the rooms, and even the fact the scenes are so posed, in a way only old photographs are allowed to be.

Harry, Margery, Walter, Ellaline and Jill Christmas 1932

My Great Grandparents Walter and Ellaline Tucker are on the right of this picture. The little girl is my Grandmother. Apparently Uncle Ted used fire crackers to create the supernatural glow from the fire. 1932

Harry and Margerie Playford Christmas 1932

Harry and Margerie Playford decorating a rather modest Christmas tree

My Grandmother aged two, helping to decorate the tree

My Grandmother aged two, helping to decorate the tree

Walter and Ellaline Tucker wedding 1929

My Great Grandparents’ wedding in Bush Hill Park, London, Christmas Eve 1929