There’s this great event each year called Govcamp. It comes along at the end of January, which is just the right time for some inspiration, group therapy and sharing ideas.

I couldn’t possibly cover all the topics that found their way on to the agenda this year. You can catch up on much of the conversation by reading the live blogs.

There was one common theme to all the sessions I attended, that deserves more airing. That theme is trust.

We rely on trust in order to get things done. No one person can control all the information flows, relationships and projects in any organisation. When you employ someone, you make a judgement call about their abilities, their strengths and their weaknesses. On this you base the amount that you pay them, and the type of work you give them.

On the basis that most people go to work to earn money, need to earn money and want to continue to earn money, you should be able to trust them to handle information and conversations with proportionate care. That’s at any level of an organisation.

All this is missing when we try to control how people use collaborative platforms for work, or decide whether or not they can use social media to bring value to an organisation.

In fact, when an organisation says ‘you can only use our XYZ intranet’ or ‘you can’t access Youtube’, what they’re saying is ‘we don’t trust you’.

Am I being fair?