It’s not often I get to indulge my passion for cars on here, so forgive me.

Among all the amazing planes and race cars at this year’s Silverstone Classic, I was quietly thrilled to see this car, right at the front of the BMW stand. Ignore the fact that it’s a BMW, or the M4 Coupe bit. What’s more exciting is that a popular, global brand like BMW is actively promoting the fact that this is the car they lent to Pistonheads, an online motoring forum. There was no car credited to Top Gear, What Car? or Evo. And this, I imagine, is expensive stand space, at a very high profile motorsport event.

I think this speaks volumes about BMW’s understanding of audience and how to connect with loyal followers on- and off-line.BMW M4 at Silverstone Classic

And it is brilliant that an online forum like Pistonheads, which on the surface could be dismissed as poky, niche and irrelevant (even though the conversations cover way more than cars), is getting this sort of recognition.

Next door to the BMW stand, the Daily Telegraph were trying to flog their Saturday issue for a £1. I didn’t venture over, but wonder what they were doing to make themselves relevant to online communities?