I work at Helpful Technology where I spend my time helping organisations to make smarter use of the web, through social media crisis training, digital capability building, better websites for their customers and brilliant intranets to make life easier for staff.

Until recently I was digital lead at the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and prior to that, the Department of Health. You can read more about work as a digital civil servant.

Tim LloydI am a co-founder of the NHS social media community: #nhssm.

My background is in journalism, business and customer publishing. I am fascinated by how people choose to find, use and share information on- and off-line.

This blog is a space for testing ideas and occasionally letting off steam about subjects close to my heart.

I am a keen (rather than successful) runner and cyclist. I have a passion for old, fast or interesting cars. I am also interested in family history and believe we can learn so much about ourselves by understanding a little about our ancestors.

You can contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn and I’d love to hear from you.