I’ve started running with a club each week. It’s probably the fastest way that I’ve found to improve my fitness.

What I’ve also realised, somewhat shamefully, is that it is brilliant, and rare, downtime, away from the phone and a screen. We tend to run cross country and there is no coverage, even if I was inclined to blog my way through each kilometre. Which I am not.

The runners are a great community, who’ve known each other for the best part of a decade. As I get to know them, I’m picking up on some stories that demonstrate the support goes far beyond running and fitness.

And the best bit? No social media. I’m not connected with any of my co-runners online, except for a weekly email to confirm our meeting venue and route.

This is a welcome change from the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn environment I have become so reliant on. I actually have to stretch my memory muscles; remember names and faces, stories and backgrounds, sensitivities and interests.

Get yourself into a non digital community, and give yourself a whole new perspective.